You can disconnect from the Internet and free up your phone line by right-clicking on the small picture of two computers that can be found at the bottom right of your screen (this icon shows that you are currently online).

This will open a pop-up window with a short list of options. Click on Disconnect or Hang up. In a few moments the two computers will disappear and your modem will disconnect from the Internet.

Note: Windows XP users may not see the connection icon of two computers at the bottom right of the screen. If that is the case follow these instructions:

  • Go to your Desktop
  • Double click on the MyDigicom icon on your desktop.
  • Select Hang up.


Apple Macintosh

Apple users can follow these instructions to disconnect:

  • Click on the Apple icon   in the top left of the screen
  • Click on Control Panels
  • Click on Remote Access (or PPP on some Macs)
  • Click on Disconnect

Alternatively, if you have the Control Strip feature activated you can click on the icon that shows an Apple Mac and a telegraph pole and click again on Disconnect.