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Digicom works hard to keep providing legacy services like Dial-up and DSL for customers.  However, the challenges are getting harder as national backbones that are needed for you to get to our services are shutting down their networks.  For those wanting to upgrade to a faster service, we are able to help find cabled options from other companies.  For those without cable options, Digicom does provide these additional options:

Cellular Internet

With cellular internet, you can get high-speed internet that can be 10-100 times faster than your current speeds. The pricing for this service is $109.00/month, plus a one-time purchase of a cellular modem. For more details, click on the link below or call us at 812-437-2911 and we’ll be glad to go over your options. Find Out More On Cellular Options!

Satellite Internet

With satellite Internet, the upfront cost is $595.00, and then services start at $69.99-$149.99/month. The satellite option is typically only for people that can’t get cable and don’t have a good cellular signal from any of the major carriers. Satellite speeds range from 1.5-Mbps to 25-Mbps, but have data limits from 10-GB per month, up to 50-GB per month on their highest plan. Click here to find more about your satellite options.