2021 Changes to Dial-Up Services

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When I started Digicom in 1983, we enjoyed bringing on-line services long before the Internet came along to start changing the world in the early 90s.  We are proud that after 38 years, we have kept our business as a customer-first business.  I love that my company and all its employees have been so devoted to helping people in any way they could. As technology has changed, we have always done our best to understand people’s situations and kept legacy technologies such as our Dial-Up services going.  Along with the services we provide, we must also work with your local telephone carrier to provide the path from your computer to our service.  Over the years when they had raised their prices, we just absorbed the costs even though that meant we lost money in some regions of the United States that local carriers had higher rates.  We’ve never raised the prices, not even one single time.

Unfortunately, 2021 has been a very challenging year so far.  The major telephone companies across the country now see Dial-up as a technology they want to end and in doing so have announced shutting down Dial-up numbers in some areas along with they have dramatically raised their prices to us in the areas they will continue to service.  While our costs remain the same for our services, what we have to pay to bring you in from your local telephone company is out of our control.  This has forced us to have to make some changes to pricing and options.

While we can continue to provide you Dial-up services, the rate will have to change to one of the following plans:

Limited Dial-up – 25 hours per month – $10.95/month

Unlimited Dial-up – $15.95/month

These do include the email account that you have had with us for some time and our support services.

If you would like to cancel your Dial-up service but would like to continue to use your current email account you can keep that account active with us for a maintenance fee of $24 per year. That would give you continued access to your email and support with any issues you may have.

For those wishing to go to faster speeds, we will be glad to work with you on finding a cable solution that will come to your address.  While Digicom does not provide these services, we want to help you find the best options for more modern technology.  Cable Internet typically ranges from $60-$100 per month depending on your local company.

If a cable solution is not available in your area, we do offer a Cellular Internet option that would continue your service through Digicom, which would provide you with dramatically faster speeds than Dial-Up.  While Dial-up is 0.056 Mbps, Cellular speeds can range from 10 Mbps to 80 Mbps, depending on your distance to a tower.  This means you could easily see photos and even stream video across your Internet connection, which isn’t a possibility on Dial-up.

The cost would be a one-time purchase of a modem at $160.  Normally we sell them for $219 but have made a large purchase at one time, to get the costs down as much as we possibly can.  After you have the modem, the monthly service would be $109.00/month.  This would also include continuing your email account with us and our support.  The added benefit with our support is with these speeds, we can even help you with your computer problems remotely.

We really hate that these changes are happening and have tried everything we can to prevent it from going up.  Hopefully, our 25 years of having the service at the exact same price, shows our commitment to you and how much we care.  After all these years, we are the same friendly people based out of Evansville, Indiana who are always a phone call away and glad to help.

If you start a support ticket with a good time to call you, we will be glad to call and go over the options on how to move forward.  We look forward to helping you.

Gary Barr
CEO/President, Digicom