Since 1983, Digicom has been pleasing customers with our online services.  We have had our services highlighted in USA Today, ABC News, Playboy Magazine, Computer Reseller News, Indianapolis Star, Louisville Today Show and every major print and television media in Evansville, Indiana.    Since the early days when modems were only 300 bps, Digicom has offered quality service and continues to always look for new ways to enhance your online experience.  We were recognized by Boardwatch Magazine for many years as being one of the Top 50 Online Bulletin Board Services (BBS) in the country.  These days, Digicom offers a powerful Nationwide Dial-up service, Nationwide DSL, Web Hosting and support that has our competition scratching their head on how to keep up.

Seattle Facility Frederick Site

MyDigicom is based on two networks for redundancy. One of our network facilities is located in Frederick, MD and the other in Seattle, WA. Both networks consist of multiple servers for every service that we offer such as email, hosting, and DNS. Both facilities also consist of multiple DS3 providers for network connectivity redundancy. We also maintain multiple routers, Foundry ServerIrons, Cisco gigabit switches, power supplies, Ethernet switches, MySQL database servers, and Network Appliance storage devices. Our network is built on redundancy so that we can maintain the highest uptime percentage possible even if disaster strikes.